Engine Oils / Chain Lubricants


We know that you want to enjoy your STIHL tools for many years to come. That’s why we are constantly developing our engine and chain oils, To tailor them to the performance requirements of STIHL machines.


It doesn’t matter if it’s a chainsaw, clearing saw or cut-off machine – all STIHL tools are synonymous with the very best quality, innovative technology and excellent performance. To ensure that you can enjoy a long relationship with your STIHL power tools, you should always use them with oils that offer excellent lubrication and a high level of purity. Our fuels and lubricants, which we have developed ourselves, are checked from a chemical, mechanical and practical perspective and are tailored to STIHL tools. This means that your chainsaw or clearing saw will start up in a matter of seconds, even after long periods of downtime. Our range of fuels and lubricants includes an extensive selection of engine oils, saw chain oils and other lubricants. The entire assortment is available to order from the STIHL online shop.


We have developed all of our high-quality engine oils ourselves to meet the demands of STIHL engines. They help your STIHL tools with 2-stroke engines to perform to the best of their ability by lubricating them, minimising wear and reducing carbonisation. Our STIHL engine oils for STIHL engines are mixed at a ratio of 1 to 50.

With our specially developed engine oil, no requirement is too demanding. As STIHL engine oil leaves hardly any residue when it burns, the risk of uncontrolled combustion, ignition and spark plug failure is considerably reduced– so you can make the most of your powerful, reliable engine for many years to come.


To minimise wear and ensure that your cutting tool does not overheat as a result of friction between the saw chain and guide bar, you need to make sure there is always enough saw chain oil in the tank of your chainsaw. Adding chain oil lubricates the cutting attachment evenly and effectively, protecting it in the process.

You can even use our BioPlus chain oil in ecologically sensitive areas as the oil is plant-based, biodegradable and is not considered to pollute the water.

You can buy all of our STIHL engine oils and chain lubricants from the STIHL online shop and have them conveniently delivered to your home.