The STIHL AP-System: Real pro power. With a battery.

The STIHL AP-System is designed for everyone whose day-to-day tasks rely on quiet battery power tools with maximum performance.

A gardening and landscaping team with STIHL professional cordless power tools walking along a street.

New powerful battery power tools for professionals

Even more power: the AP-System

Logo for the AP-System from STIHL in the form of a grey battery symbol

A powerful choice: Advantages of the AP-System.

Our AP-System, consisting of various tool categories, is ideal for daily professional use in landscape, garden and tree maintenance and for work by public authorities. That’s because STIHL battery technology for professionals offers impressive high performance, long battery life, and low-noise operation – and what’s more, the batteries are flexible in use.

Graphic with icons of all STIHL professional cordless power tool categories and a STIHL AP-System logo in the centre.

Power tool categories in the AP-System

The AP-System from STIHL consists of a range of power tool categories for every area of application in landscape, garden and tree maintenance.

Discover the wide selection of battery power tools in our product range today: 



A real STIHL power duo: the MSA 300 and the AP 500 S battery

Simply powerful: the MSA 220 T

A powerful battery arborist saw for professional use, the MSA 220 T offers many advantages. The electronic operating system with unlocking button enables easy, convenient handling – with high cutting performance. In combination with the AP 300 S battery, the MSA 220 T can make up to 260 cuts in 29 minutes.
Available from spring 2022.

aborist with msa 220t
Gardeners and landscapers taking STIHL AP-System power tools and a backpack battery from their vehicle’s loading area.

Full flexibility: Accessories in the AP-System

With battery accessories from the AP-System , you can make individual power tools even more high-performance and more flexible. The range includes, for example, powerful lithium-ion batteries in a range of capacities, comfort carrying systems, practical holsters, and backpack batteries for power tools with a socket. 

Innovation for pros: the battery AP System

Battery life and charging times

The particularly powerful STIHL battery tools in the AP-System feature very high endurance and power. Here, corresponding tables show the battery life for battery power tools from the AP-System depending on the battery used, as well as the charging times for various STIHL batteries.

To battery life and charging times

Working in the rain

All battery power tools in the STIHL AP-System have been designed for daily use, even in adverse weather conditions. With that in mind they are certified as splashproof; the effectiveness of this is also verified through demanding internal checks. The splashwater test is aligned with the IPX4 standard, among others.

Summary: STIHL battery AP-System

  • The STIHL AP-System has been designed with professional users and public authority use in mind.

  • The AP-System offers a comprehensive selection of power tools for garden, landscape and tree maintenance.

  • The AP-System features impressively high power, low noise, and extra-long battery life.

  • The STIHL AP-System utilises innovative lithium-ion batteries that offer flexible use.

  • The STIHL AP-System has an intelligent charge and energy management system, and comprehensive accessories. 


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