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KMA 135 R cordless KombiEngine: Wide range of uses

Robust and powerful battery KombiEngine in a contemporary_x000D_
design with an AP battery slot in the power tool. For working_x000D_
in noise-sensitive environments. Versatile use due to wide_x000D_
range of STIHL KombiTools. Ergonomic control handle with_x000D_
three-level speed preselection and LED display as well as_x000D_
infinitely variable speed control, loop handle, and air filter_x000D_
for long service life. Mounting point for the STIHL Smart_x000D_
Connector 2 A on the power tool housing. The KMA 135 R_x000D_
cannot be used with the FSB-KM brushcutter.
KMA 135 R ohne Akku

Technical details

Rated voltage36 V
Weight3.4 kg
Weight7.5 lbs
Length to coupling sleeve96 cm 1)

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