Tree maintenance: How to ensure every tree grows and thrives

Check out our guides for tree maintenance tips for new trees in your garden and  the right way to prune trees

New trees

We will show you suitable tree species for your garden and how to plant trees correctly so that they grow optimally and stay as healthy as possible.

The right way to prune trees

Professional tree pruning is part of tree maintenance and is important for the healthy growth of your trees. Here you can learn important tree care tips, as well as what needs to be considered for fruit trees in particular.

Top 10 Myths of Tree Care

Should you prune your trees in the Spring? How deep must fertilizer be applied to reach the roots of your trees? Which species of trees should be topped to keep them from falling on your house? Most homeowners treasure the trees on their property but know little about how to care for them. Much of what you may have heard about tree care is actually incorrect, based on myths and misconceptions. Here are the top 10 myths of tree care.
Top 10 Myths of Tree Care

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