Pressure Washers



Whether you are using a domestic model or an industrial high-pressure cleaner, if you need to deal with stubborn dirt thoroughly and efficiently, STIHL pressure washers are comfortable, effective, and always an excellent choice.


STIHL offers a comprehensive range of efficient power cleaning tools for various applications in domestic and professional settings. The range spans from pressure washers for your home to models for commercial applications in workshops, to professional cleaners for agriculture and forestry operations, local authorities, and the construction industry. Think about what you need your pressure washer to do, then choose the right model from our compact, mid-range or professional range. 

The power consumption for the various models varies between 1.7 and 6.5°kW. The minimum operating pressure can range between 10 and 100 bar, and the maximum between 35 and 220 bar. The maximum water flow rate in litres per hour is 440 litres in the smallest model or 1130 litres in the largest.

With each of our cold water high-pressure cleaners, sophisticated technology ensures that you can carry out your work comfortably and effectively. After all, although the various models differ in terms of weight and capacity, they all include the following:

  • a robust pump head made from aluminium or brass
  • plug coupling for nozzles (no tools required for changing)
  • an integrated accessories slot so that you can work on a more mobile basis
  • anti-drill system (prevents the hose from twisting)
  • the ability to regulate water pressure
  • a quiet, high-power induction engine


The PLUS models are also equipped with an integrated hose reel, making it very easy to roll the hose out and up.


If weather and heavy use have left a layer of stubborn dirt on your surfaces, it’s time to deal with it – maybe with a handy and compact STIHL surface cleaner. You can use these manoeuvrable and easy-to-operate power tools to clean very dirty tiles, garden furniture and spruce up paths with ease, as well as ensuring that your car shines like new. Practical comfort features make the cleaning work as enjoyable as it can be. And the best part about  your compact high-pressure washer is how exceptionally easy it is to transport and store.


Are you a discerning homeowner who needs a high-pressure cleaner for their garden or home or do you need a high-pressure cleaner for your work? For large plots and commercial applications in workshops or hotel facilities, you can use a STIHL mid-range high-pressure cleaner to ensure the area you care for will look great at the end of your working day. Our all-rounders really shine with their increased range and high water pressure cleaning functionality. Sometimes you may even find that full power is too much power: if this happens you can simply reduce the operating pressure accordingly, saving water and protecting delicate surfaces in the process. You can always keep an eye on the pressure thanks to the integrated pressure gauge. With our cleaning agent dosing system, you can mix exactly the amount of cleaning or care agent you need.


Our pressure washers  in the professional class offer you fantastically ergonomic design and comprehensive features, paired with maximum performance and lasting durability. These effective powerhouses always have sufficient water pressure so that you are equipped to deal with even the most difficult cleaning tasks in agriculture, local authority work, forestry operations, and construction. You can regulate the pressure and water quantity directly on the gun, so it’s easy to adjust them to the requirements as you need to. With highly durable and low-maintenance engines and pump units, our professional high-pressure cleaners can help you overcome even the toughest cleaning tasks in daily use with ease.


Sometimes, water and pressure alone are not enough to tackle really stubborn dirt. That’s when you need to fill your cold-water high-pressure cleaner with STIHL cleaning agents and maintenance products. From universal detergents to special cleaning agents, we have something that will work on every surface. It’s worth noting that, STIHL works to achieve a high level of environmentally friendly biodegradability In all of its products, as well as prioritizing care of your power tools. With our wide range of accessories, you can upgrade you