Accessories for Battery Power Tools



With battery technology from STIHL, you’ll master any challenge: whether in your own garden or as a professional user – from mowing the lawn to using cut-off machines on an emissions-free, quiet and reliable basis. With the appropriate battery tool parts and battery accessories, you can adapt working with battery power tools to even better suit your needs.


STIHL offers battery power tools for various forms of work that require a low-emissions and flexible solution. In our product range, you will find power tools for garden care as well as landscape maintenance, construction work, and professional tree maintenance. With the right battery tool parts and battery accessories for your battery power tools, you can adapt these even better to your work conditions, for example using spare batteries to ensure that you are able to work without interruption.


Different tasks and different power tools require batteries with different power levels. For that reason, we have a range of batteries available with different energy capacities, both for professional power tools and for power tools for your home garden. For especially long periods of use, there are also backpack batteries  available with different energy capacities. STIHL also provides appropriate chargers for the various batteries, which you can use for rapid and efficient charging.


For safe storage and protected transport, STIHL offers battery boxes in various sizes for the different systems. Among the accessories for battery power tools, you’ll also find a battery belt with a harness for quick changeover and work that is as interruption-free as possible.

But apart from the batteries themselves, relevant accessories are available for the battery power tools too. Depending on the power tool in question, these include various adapters, a foot to protect the battery against contact with the ground, and a carrying system or harness for comfortable and ergonomic working. Support cushions that for example can be secured to the carrying system or battery belt also make for more comfortable work. For power tools that have a battery slot, we offer a cover to protect against dust and dirt during longer periods of storage, as an optional extra.

Battery accessories and tool parts for battery power tools are available to buy from the STIHL online shop, and can be delivered directly to your home or workplace.


With green areas, tasks regularly come around that can be easily completed using one of our battery garden power tools. Our power tools for small gardens are equipped with an integrated battery (I line). This enables you to perform smaller tasks quickly and easily and then conveniently charge the power tool by simply connecting it to the socket.

The larger the garden, the more green-area maintenance work there is to be tackled; this is where battery products in the AS System or AK System excel since both systems use replaceable batteries. The STIHL AS System is mainly used in compact and easy-to-manoeuvre power tools, while the  STIHL AK System is preferred for more powerful tools.  Battery accessories and battery tool parts for each respective system can be used in various power tools within the same system.

If you use power tools with maximum performance in a professional setting and need extra-long battery life, there is a wide selection available to you in the STIHL AP System for professionals. This includes chainsaws and lawn mowers for example, as well as brushcutters and blowers. The AP System is well-suited to extended periods of use and a particularly wide range of challenges. The very powerful lithium-ion batteries for professional applications can also be used in any power tool in the AP System. The batteries are either inserted in a slot in the housing, connected with the connecting cable via the holster, or worn as a backpack.

If you would like more details about the systems and battery accessories STIHL offers, you can find out more on our page on STIHL battery technology What’s more, we have put together a Battery FAQ for you on our FAQ page. These pages provide information on the systems, as well as their maintenance, care, storage and use, and much more.