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ADVANCE X-Vent helmet set: very good balance and high light transmission

The STIHL ADVANCE X-Vent helmet offers professionals excellent weight distribution and therefore very comfortable wear. The face protection of the STIHL ADVANCE X-Vent helmet set consists of a spring steel mesh with very high light transmission of 75-80%. This allows you to maintain good vision even in adverse light conditions. The slits distributed across the STIHL helmet ensure good ventilation. Thanks to the 6-point interior fittings and width adjustment, you can adapt the protective helmet to your head shape quickly, easily, and with just one hand. Optional accessories for STIHL ADVANCE X-Vent helmets are rain protection, integrated safety glasses, a visor extension, and a chin strap.

The ADVANCE STIHL X-Vent helmet set offers you the option of expanding its functionality with an optional Bluetooth® ear defenders set.

The following information applies to the ADVANCE X-Vent helmet set:

  • Helmet shell material: ABS
  • Sweatband material: technical fabric
  • Safety requirement: EN 352, EN 397, EN 1731
  • Ear protection: SNR 30 (H: 34, M: 27, L: 19)

Please also observe the safety instructions in the user manual for your STIHL power tool.


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