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C 6-2 AutoCut mowing head: For professional and precise clearing

The STIHL AutoCut C 6-2 is the ideal mowing head for a wide range of STIHL brushcutters, such as the STIHL FS 50 gas brushcutter. Delicate detailed work on corners and edges is just as possible with this semi-automatic two-line mowing head as large-scale mowing with a brushcutter. The mowing head enables efficient work with a sophisticated mechanism: You can adjust the 2 mm or 2.4 mm thick mowing line during operation by simply tapping.

You can also fill the AutoCut C 6-2 mowing head particularly quickly and easily with different durable mowing lines from the outside. With the STIHL AutoCut C 6-2, you can effectively clean and clear walls, hedges, steps and lawn edges.

You can combine the AutoCut C 6-2 with the following brushcutters and clearing saws from STIHL:

  • FS 38
  • FS 40
  • FS 50
  • FSA 60 R
  • FSA 86 R
  • FSE 60
  • FSE 71
  • FSE 81

Note: Mowing heads may only be used with a special mowing guard or a STIHL universal guard for mowing heads and metal tools.

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