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ADA 700 double battery slot adapter: For the parallel use of two AP batteries in the STIHL RMA 765 V

When using your STIHL RMA 765 V battery lawn mower, the STIHL ADA 700 double battery slot adapter enables you to use 2 batteries from the STIHL AP-System at the same time. By using 2 lithium-ion batteries in parallel, you can mow lawns efficiently and without interruption with your STIHL battery lawn mower, even for longer periods of use.

All battery power tools within the STIHL AP-System have been designed for professional users and daily work, including in adverse weather conditions. For this reason they are certified as splashproof; the effectiveness of this is also verified through demanding internal tests. The splashwater test is aligned with the IPX4 standard, among others.

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