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KombiTool with AutoCut<sup>®</sup> C 6-2 line head

Private yard owners can use the STIHL FSB-KM brushcutter effectively even in places that are not reachable with other power tools. Its curved shaft makes the brushcutter ideal for clearing work in awkward places, such as beside trees or walls.

The FSB-KM brushcutter is equipped with the STIHL AutoCut C 6-2 two-line mowing head, which is specially designed for use in hard-to-reach areas such as lawn edges. A wide variety of durable mowing lines are available for the AutoCut C 6-2, ensuring you can effectively complete a range of mowing tasks with this brushcutter. A deflector above the rotating lines catches any flying stones loosened during mowing work.

Thanks to its extremely lightweight design, the FSB-KM brushcutter is easy to guide.

As a KombiTool, the STIHL FSB-KM can be combined with various STIHL KombiEngines that have a loop handle, such as the STIHL KM 56 RC-E. The KombiTool can be attached or changed quickly and easily.

The STIHL FSB-KM brushcutter is not approved for use with KM131 R, KMA 130 R and KMA 135 R KombiEngines.

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