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The STIHL gutter-cleaning set effectively supports you in cleaning gutters. The set consists of a three-part, approx. 3 m long blower tube, a straight round nozzle, 2 short angled tubes and fastening clamps. You simply plug the parts of the set together, fix them in place with the clamps and connect the blower tube to your STIHL blower or vacuum shredder. This means you can conveniently blow leaves and other debris out of gutters from the ground – even in hard-to-access places – so that rainwater can drain freely again.

The gutter cleaning set from STIHL is suitable for the following blowers and vacuum shredders:

  • STIHL BG 56 C-E
  • STIHL BG 66 L
  • STIHL BG 86
  • STIHL BG 86 C-E
  • STIHL BGE 71
  • STIHL BGE 81
  • STIHL SH 56
  • STIHL SH 86
  • STIHL SHE 71
  • STIHL SHE 81
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