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For Pole Prunner and Hedge Trimmer attachments

With the STIHL carbon shaft extension, you can quickly and easily increase your working radius with a KombiTool by 100 cm. When maintaining hedges or trees, hard-to-access areas require additional reach. Carbon is characterised by its light weight of just 0.9 kg, combined with high rigidity and stability. This prevents the carbon shaft extension from bending even if it comes into frequent contact with hard branches or undergrowth. This sturdiness is additionally supported by the hollow shaft made of aluminium.

The STIHL carbon shaft extension is suitable for use with

  • the STIHL HL-KM 0° long-reach hedge trimmer,
  • the STIHL HL-KM 145° long-reach hedge trimmer
  • and the STIHL HT-KM 0° pole pruner.
Carbon Schaftverlängerung HT-KM, HL-KM

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