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Technical details

Sprocket nose pitch8,25mm/.325"
Groove width1,3mm/.050"
Bar tail3003
No. of teeth, sprocket nose10
Bar length40cm/16",45cm/18",50cm/20"

STIHL Light 04 guide bar: Slim shape and innovative design

The STIHL Light 04, .325", 1.3 mm lightweight guide bar has a special, slim design that improves piercing characteristics and reduces weight. This makes demanding work more comfortable and enables greater endurance when sawing. The STIHL Light 04, .325", 1.3 mm is 200 g lighter than the existing STIHL guide bars and therefore contributes to an improved system weight. It is easy to manoeuvre and supports agile working with chainsaws such as the STIHL MS 261. This allows you to carry out tasks such as felling and pruning trees or tree maintenance work more quickly with our STIHL arborist saws. The chainsaw bar achieves high piercing performance with reduced kickback. These characteristics also make it easier to cut with this STIHL bar.

The innovative design of the STIHL Light 04 guide bar is not only attractive, but it also integrates practical information about characteristics on the lightweight bar itself, so you can quickly find the right saw chain for the chainsaw bar, for example.

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