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AutoCut C 3-2: Mowing head for precise clearing

The STIHL AutoCut C 3-2 is perfect for all types of clearing work. The semi-automatic mowing head facilitates applications on lawn edges and makes it possible to mow large areas with the brushcutterw without having to change the power tool. This is made possible by the sophisticated design of the two-line AutoCut C 3-2 mowing head with a 1.6 mm or 2 mm line diameter. During use, you can automatically adjust the mowing line by simply tapping on the ground. This saves you time and achieves accurate results on hedges, trees, steps and walls or over large areas.

For mowing applications with the STIHL battery brushcutter FSA 57 which are as fast as they are efficient, you can refill the STIHL AutoCut C 3-2 with STIHL mowing lines from the outside without the need to open the housing.

Note: Mowing heads may only be used with a special mowing guard or a STIHL universal guard for mowing heads and metal tools.

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