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Round and quiet mowing line: With groove profile for noise-reduced work

The particularly quiet and round STIHL mowing line is made of a special high-end material: Side grooves in the profile reduce whistling noises . Private users and professionals appreciate this positive effect when working in noise-sensitive environments. The abrasion-resistant universal profile of this mowing line has an increased material density and is accordingly durable and long-term elastic. The rounded shape prevents damage caused by the round STIHL line when it comes into contact with obstacles such as house walls or fences.

The round and quiet trimmer line is available in different colours in diameters 1.6 mm to 2.7 mm and 4.0 mm and is compatible with all STIHL mowing heads such as

  • all 3 available STIHL TrimCut mowing heads,
  • both STIHL SuperCut mowing heads,
  • all STIHL PolyCut mowing heads and
  • the 3 STIHL DuroCut mowing heads.

You can also use the round and quiet mowing lines with STIHL AutoCut mowing heads.

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