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PolyCut 28-2: Clean and Energy-Efficient Mowing with Plastic Blades

The STIHL PolyCut 28‑2 mowing head is equipped with 2 robust plastic blades that require significantly less energy to mow the grass than a mowing line. This allows you to work significantly longer with your battery brushcutter per battery charge. With gas brushcutters, the use of plastic blades results in lower fuel consumption. The scope of delivery also includes 6 replacement plastic knives. Mowing lines with diameters of 2.4 mm or 2.7 mm can be used. With the PolyCut 28‑2 from STIHL with plastic blades, you are optimally equipped to cut dense grass effectively and mow thoroughly with a brushcutter. You can easily change the STIHL plastic blades. All you need is the thorn supplied with your brushcutter. You can use this to block the shaft, then turn off the mowing head and change the blades. You can optionally add a protective plate to your STIHL PolyCut, which reduces wear and increases the cutting height. Note: Mower heads may only be used with a special mower guard or STIHL universal protection for mower heads and metal tools.

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