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PolyCut 3-2 Mowing Head: For Detailed Clearing Work and Mowing

The STIHL PolyCut 3-2 mowing head is the right choice for efficient mowing of medium-high grass and for detailed care of your lawn edges. The PolyCut 3-2 mowing head is a versatile mowing head for hobby and professional yarders alike. The cutting tool is fitted with 2 robust and movable plastic blades, which you can easily change without the need for additional tools. Optionally, you can also use mowing lines with a diameter of 1.4 mm or 1.6 mm to trim lawn edges,clear corners or mow larger areas efficiently.

If you use the STIHL PolyCut 3-2 as a mowing head for the STIHL FSA 57 battery lawn trimmer or the STIHL FSE 52 electric lawn trimmer, excellent results can be achieved in difficult-to-cut areas such as trees, walls, hedges or steps.

Note: Mowing heads may only be used with a special mowing guard or a STIHL universal guard for mowing heads and metal tools.

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