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For the Highest Professional Demands

This STIHL bar is designed for powerful professional chainsaws such as the STIHL MS 462 C-M and is therefore suitable for use in professional forestry. With the STIHL Rollomatic ES, 3/8", 1.6mm, you have the right guide bar for felling and processing thick wood or for cutting firewood. In rescue operations, you can also saw metal, bitumen and bulletproof glass with the STIHL Rapid Duro Rescue saw chain and the STIHL MS 462 C-M R rescue saw, e.g. to make ventilation and access openings in car bodies or buildings.

The bar body of the STIHL Rollomatic ES, 3/8", 1.6 mm is solid and very stable. This means that even very hard materials can be cut precisely, cleanly and safely. If the bar nose is worn, you can simply replace it and continue to use the chainsaw bar with a new nose. The bearing on the sprocket nose is closed, which makes the guide bar maintenance-free.

Technical details

Sprocket nose pitch9,32mm/3/8"
Groove width1,3mm/.050"
Bar tail3003
No. of teeth, sprocket nose11
Bar length40cm/16",45cm/18",50cm/20",63cm/25",71cm/28",80cm/32",90cm/36"

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