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Rotating surface cleaner: cleans large areas quickly and easily

The rotating surface cleaner from STIHL is the ideal high-pressure washer accessory for quickly and easily removing stubborn dirt from large areas such as pavements, driveways, terraces and other outdoor areas.

The rotating surface cleaner is equipped with a quick-release coupling for easy installation, which means that it can be connected to all compatible STIHL RB petrol-driven high-pressure washer. Once mounted on your unit, pressure from the rotating spray head makes it effortless to guide the 14-inch diameter surface cleaner over the area being cleaned.

The rotating surface cleaner from STIHL is suitable for the following gas high-pressure cleaners:

  • STIHL RB 200
  • STIHL RB 400
  • STIHL RB 600
  • STIHL RB 800

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