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Shredder blade Schredcut 320-2: For thick scrub and thorny hedges

As a professional in forestry and landscape maintenance, the STIHL Shredcut 320-2 shredder blade will help you efficiently prune,thin out or even remove dense scrub and thorny hedges. The steel blade has a diameter of 320 mm and allows you to complete your work quickly and effectively. Thanks to its robust and well-thought-out production, the ShredCut 320-2 two-bladed shredder blade can achieve optimum results as an accessory to the STIHL FS 561 C-EM gas-driven clearing saw or the discontinued STIHL FS 510 C-EM and FS 560 C-EM clearing saw.

Note: The STIHL ShredCut 320-2 shredder blade is only approved for STIHL brushcutters with bike handle. For your safety, you may only use it with suitable STIHL shredder guards.

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