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TrimCut C 52-2 mowing head: Robust mowing head for clearing obstacles

The STIHL TrimCut C 52-2 double-line mowing head is ideal for domestic users and professionals alike for clearing lawn edges, trees and walls. Due to its reduced imbalance, this mowing head only generates low vibrations when mowing grass. This means that you can work longer and with less effort using your STIHL FS 561 C-EM gas-driven clearing saw or the discontinued STIHL FS 510 C-EM and FS 560 C-EM gas-driven clearing saw. Even the most demanding tasks can be carried out more effortlessly with the STIHL TrimCut C 52-2 nylon mowing head. You can either fill the mowing line from our selection of diameters of 2.4 mm to 3.3 mm conveniently from the outside or by removing the spool and winding up the line. Shaped handle points on the STIHL TrimCut C 52-2 ensure comfortable handling.

Note: Mowing heads must be used with a special mowing guard or a STIHL universal guard for mowing heads and metal tools .

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