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Pressure washer water brush: for thorough and effective cleaning of large outdoor areas

The STIHL pressure washer water brush is ideal for quickly and easily cleaning large areas such as pavements, driveways and terraces.

It takes just a few simple steps to connect the STIHL water brush to all compatible STIHL RB STIHL pressure washers. All you have to do is take the spray lance of your pressure washer and connect it to the coupling on the water brush. The powerful water jet from the pressure washers is then evenly distributed via the 3 nozzles of the water brush. Thanks to its swivelling castors, the water brush can be conveniently steered in the desired direction, so that surfaces can be quickly cleaned.

The STIHL water brush is compatiable with the following pressure washers:

  • STIHL RB 200
  • STIHL RB 400
  • STIHL RB 600
  • STIHL RB 800

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