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Powerful, durable consumer trimmer, ideal for lawn edging

As the lightest trimmer from STIHL, the FS 38 is the ideal entry-level power tool for yard owners. The lightweight 4.2 kg brushcutter is perfect for trimming lawn edges and cutting small lawns. This compact and manoeuvrable grass trimmer removes grass and weeds reliably, even on paths and steps. The one-hand multi-function handle makes operation easy, as all of the engine controls can be accessed with one hand. The STIHL FS 38 gas brushcutter has a loop handle which enables precise guidance with the other hand. Other advantages of this gas-driven lawn trimmer include the STIHL 2-MIX engine, which combines high performance with economical fuel consumption.

If you are planning to work in your yard for longer periods, we recommend using the basic harness, which is available as an accessory. This significantly increases comfort during long periods of use and also protects your muscles and joints. The model can also be retrofitted with STIHL ErgoStart or STIHL ElastoStart. Both systems make it easy to start the machine and reduce the amount of force required to do so.


The pictures shown are sample photos. The actual appearance of the equipment features and their specific attachment to the product may differ from the pictorial representations, but will have the same functionality.

Manuelle Kraftstoffpumpe

Technical details

Displacement27.2 (cc)
Displacement1.66 cu-in
Power output0.7 / 0.9 (kW/bhp)
Engine power0.9 bhp
Weight4.1 / 9.0 (kg / lbs) 1)

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