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MSA 60 C-B battery chainsaw: Versatile and easy to use 

The MSA 60 C-BQ is a lightweight, cordless chain saw that is perfect for cutting firewood and tidying up around your property.

Quiet and easy-to-use, it is packed with useful features

- Quick chain tensioning system allows you to tighten the chain without tools

- Ematic™ chain lubrication system uses up to 50% less chain oil

- Quickstop® Super chain brake is a comprehensive safety mechanism

The MSA 60 C-BQ has outstanding cutting performance and low-vibrations, and an impressive 40+ minutes of battery life on the recommended battery, giving you around 120 cuts in 4" x 4" (10 cm x10 cm) timber.

You'll have the log pile stocked in no time!

Runtime on recommended AK 20 battery: Up to 40 minutes
Runtime on AK 30 battery: Up to 55 minutes

Technical details

Rated voltage36 V
Weight2.9 kg 1)
Weight6.4 lbs 1)
Sound pressure level83 dB(A)
Saw chain pitch1/4"P

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