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Technical details

Bar length40-50 cm
Bar length16-20 in
Rated voltage120 V
Power consumption1.8 kW
Weight5.2 kg 1)

Powerful electric chain saw

The STIHL MSE 250 is STIHL’s most powerful electric chainsaw designed for building with wood. It is perfect for challenging woodwork applications in the professional finishing trade. Equipped with a high-quality Rapid Super 3 saw chain, it reliably delivers excellent piercing and cutting performance. This means that skilled tradespeople and professionals will find the STIHL MSE 250 electric chainsaw an excellent power tool even for demanding projects.

The electric chainsaw can also be connected to weaker power grids thanks to soft start with starting current limitation. The STIHL MSE 250 electric chainsaw is equipped with a soft-grip handle to enable you to work comfortably and over longer periods. Thanks to the STIHL Ematic system, you can work particularly effectively, as the saw chain is always optimally lubricated. This function also ensures low oil consumption.

Overload protection prevents possible damage from overheating, by means of a red LED that lights up to alert you of risk. After a cool-down phase of around one minute, you can continue working immediately. We have also thought about your safety with this model: the QuickStop Super chain brake stops the saw chain as soon as your hand releases the rear handle.
MSE 250 C-Q

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