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Concrete Cutter - another innovative product from STIHL

The STIHL GS 461 concrete cutter is the ideal complement to our STIHL cut-off machines and is designed for robust professional useon construction sites. You can use the GS 461 concrete cutter for wet cutting concrete, natural stone and masonry. Powered by the powerful and economical STIHL 2-MIX engine, the cutting chains with pre-sharpened diamond segments guarantee top performance from the very first cut – for instance the STIHL 36 GGM diamond cutting chain specially designed for cutting duct and pipeline construction ductile cast-iron pipes. The STIHL GS 461 concrete cutter will enable you to carry out precise corner cuts and break through walls quickly and efficiently.

The water connection with integrated dosing tap allows for optimal water flow and dosing, while the internally flushed sprocket nose ensures continuous cleaning and prevents small stones or splinters from getting stuck. Its comparatively lightweight design and STIHL anti-vibration system make the GS 461 much easier to handle, especially during long periods of use. The STIHL GS 461 concrete cutter also features a tool-free fuel cap for easy refuelling, a long-life air filter system to protect the engine from fine dust and a wear-resistant starter cord as well as STIHL ElastoStart for easy starting.

Our video shows various possible uses for the tool and demonstrates how the STIHL concrete cutter works in detail.

GS 461


The pictures shown are sample photos. The actual appearance of the equipment features and their specific attachment to the product may differ from the pictorial representations, but will have the same functionality.

Langzeit-Filtersystem mit Vorabscheidung
Führungsschiene Rollomatic G
Rollomatic G Guide Bar

Technical details

Bar length40-45 cm
Bar length16-18 in
Displacement76.5 cc
Displacement4.67 cu-in
Power output4.3 / 5.8 kW/PS

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