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Technical details

Lawnup to 490 m²
Cutting width51 cm
Cutting height35 - 90 mm
Cutting height adjustment7-fach (zentral)
Grass catcher box volume75 l

RMA 510 battery lawn mower in a set with the AP 300 S battery and the AL 301 quick charger: efficient, emission-free mowing

The STIHL RMA 510 battery lawn mower offers you high performance and is very quiet when it comes to domestic lawn care. With its cutting width of 51cm, you can mow medium to large-sized lawns efficiently. We offer this as a set so that you can start lawn care right away. The set includes a STIHL AP 300 S battery and the

The engine on the RMA 510 battery mower has an Eco mode that enables you to mow as large a lawn area as possible on one charge of the high-quality STIHL AP System batteries. As you mow in rows, it automatically regulates the speed. The STIHL RMA 510 battery lawn mower is pleasantly lightweight, quiet and above all emissions-free when moving. The central cut-height adjustment enables you to set your preferred lawn length to one of 7 levels between 35mm and 90mm. The 75-litre grass collection box is easy to empty and transport. Alternatively, you can mulch the grass directly or discharge it to the side. All you have to do is install the supplied insert. The twice folding handlebar enables you to transport the cordless lawn mower easily and store it compactly.

In our overview of STIHL battery life and charging times, you can see how much lawn area you can cover with one charge of your RMA 510 battery lawn mower and how long the selected battery takes to charge.

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