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STIHL FELCO F8 and FELCO F9 bypass secateurs make it easier for you to tackle cutting work in vineyards, orchards, parks and yard maintenance and when tidying overgrown yards. The bypass secateurs are suitable for all green plants, as the blades slide flush against each other when cutting. This means that they cut gently with consistently smooth cut surfaces.

You can also use the secateurs to cleanly cut thicker branches up to 25 mm in diameter and can cut thinner wires using the integrated wire cutting notch. Thanks to the angled cutting head, even users with larger hands can benefit from the ergonomic design, which prevents the FELCO F8/F9 secateurs from slipping in your grasp so they form an effective extension to your hand. The sturdy, comfortable handles support your comfort while working with the secateurs. Thanks to the non-slip coating, the 21 cm STIHL FELCO F8 and FELCO F9 bypass secateurs sit comfortably in the hand. The one-handed clasp makes it easy to open the secateurs with your thumb.

The STIHL FELCO F9 bypass is designed for left-handed users.

Secateur  F8

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