Warranty information

Limited Warranty

STIHL’s Limited Warranty applies only to the original owner of the unit and is non-transferable. It is the Dealer’s responsibility to display the Limited Warranty in the Dealership and review the conditions with the customer at the time of purchase.

Units purchased outside of Canada may qualify for Canadian warranty if the customer can provide a proof of purchase. The Dealer must forward a copy of the proof of purchase for the equipment to the Technical Manager. Warranty guidelines must be strictly adhered to.

The following respective warranty periods apply to STIHL products:

  Homeowner Warranty Professional Warranty


The following models are not eligible for the homeowner warranty

(MS 201, MS 400, MS 461, MS 461 RS, MS 462, MS 500i, MS 661, MS 881, all top-handle MS chain saws, GS 461 and all TS models)

1 year
2 years
with six-pack oil or four 950ml cans of MotoMix®


 4 cans of MotoMix® 950ml 


one 4L can of MotoMix® purchase)

90 Days


The following model series are not eligible for the 2-year extended warranty (FS 360 – FS 561).

1 year
2 years
with six-pack oil or four 950ml cans of MotoMix®

4 cans of MotoMix® 950ml
one 4L can of MotoMix® purchase)

1 year


2 years 1 year


AI Line
AS System
AK System
AP System

All top-handle MSA chain saws and all TSA models are not eligible for the homeowner warranty

5 years
5 years
5 years
5 years
Not applicable
3 years
3 years
3 years
KM ATTACHMENTS & SG/SR SPRAYERS  (with proof of purchase) 2 years 1 year


3 years 1 year


*Whichever comes first. Proof of hours must be submitted with warranty claim.    

3 Years or 500 hours* 3 Years or 1,500 hours*


*Whichever comes first. Proof of hours must be submitted with warranty claim.

5 Years or 2,000 hours* 5 Years or 2,000 hours*
GAS LAWN MOWERS  5 Years  1 Years

Advance ProCom

2 year 2 year
Lawngrips® (with proof of purchase) 90 days 90 days
iMow® 3 years  years

1. Five year warranty is offered on electronic ignitions (to the original purchaser) for units purchased after January 1, 2003 (2 years Parts & Labour, remaining years Parts only). Lifetime warranty on electronic ignitions was offered (to the original purchaser) on units purchased between January 1, 1989 and December 31, 2002 (proof of purchase is required).

2. Lifetime warranty on drive cables and internal drive shafts is offered to the original purchaser when used with recommended attachments on the following units purchased after January 1, 1996: Trimmer/Brushcutter models FE 55, FSE 60, FS 36, FS 38, FS 40, FS 44, FS 45, FS 45 C, FS 46, FS 50, FS 55, FS 56, FS 70, FS 72, FS 74, FS 75, FS 75, FS 80, FS 85, FS 88, FS 90, FS 91, FS 94, FS 100 RX, FS 108, FS 110, FS 111, FS 111 RX, FS 120, FS 130, FS 131, FS 200, FS 240, FS 250, KM 55, KM 56 C, KM 85, KM 90, KM 91, KM 94, KM 110, KM 111, KM 130 AND KM 131 (proof of purchase is required).

3. STIHL warranties parts installed during the product warranty period for the remainder of the product’s original warranty period or for thirty (30) days, whichever is longer. This warranty applies only if an authorized STIHL Servicing Dealer installs the part. The serial number of the unit must be included in the claim.

4. The warranty on STIHL original replacement parts is thirty (30) days for defects in material or workmanship. STIHL LIMITED will replace any part that it deems defective within thirty (30) days of purchase. Any labour or service charges are the responsibility of the owner. The serial number of the unit must be included in the claim.

5. The warranty of all cutting attachments (bars, chains, sprockets, string heads, blades, etc.) is thirty (30) days on the part, with no labour allowance. This applies to all models, regardless of the warrantable period. The serial number of the unit must be included on the claim. The bill of sale, (invoice to customer) for replacement items sold, must also be included with the claim.

6. If warranty is justified on collateral and safety apparel within thirty (30) days of purchase, the item will be replaced at no charge or credited, through STIHL LIMITED Warranty. A copy of the original bill of sale is required for warranty eligibility.

7. Warranty coverage for special tools, including diagnostic tools is thirty (30) days. If warranty is justified, authorized replacement by one of STIHL’s Technical Managers will be processed, at no charge, through STIHL LIMITED’s Dealer Support.


Warranty coverage will be extended for any failure due to defects in material or workmanship which occur during the applicable warranty period, except for the specific cases as provided in Clause 3 of ‘Warranty Limitations’.


The following items are not covered by this warranty:

1. Parts or components not manufactured or supplied by the manufacturer.

2. Items or service required for the normal and regular maintenance of the product i.e. spark plugs, filters (air, fuel, oil, etc.), lubricants, starter cords, carburetor kits, engine tune-ups, etc.

3.  Warranty on carburetor, intake manifold, air filter, spark plug, electronic ignition module, catalytic converter (if applicable) and fasteners will be extended to a maximum of 2 years IF these parts mentioned are deemed to cause the engine in question to fail Canadian Environmental Protection Act standards. Additional testing is required by the manufacturer in order to qualify for this extension.

4. Any failure that results from improper maintenance or misuse of the product, or is caused by an accident, abuse, incorrect storage or failure to operate the product in accordance with instructions provided is the Safety/Operator’s Manual supplied with the product.

5. Repairs made necessary by dirt, abrasives, moisture, rust, corrosion, varnish or other similar conditions, including old or stale fuel.

6. Normal adjustments, which are explained in the Safety.Operator’s Manual, supplied with the product, including the carburetor, valves, or the oil pump.

7. Gas-powered units that are modified, in any way, without the written approval of STIHL LIMITED or units that the customer has taken upon themselves to repair or disassemble.

8. Gas units that have not had a Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) by the STIHL Servicing Dealer.

9. Repairs made necessary due to improper oil mix ratios ,or the use of oils and lubricants not specified in the product’s instruction manual.


1. Use reasonable care in maintenance, operation and storage of the product, as explained in the Safety/Operator’s Manual and ensure that fresh minimum 89 octane fuel (60 days or less) is used.

2. Should any failure covered by this warranty occur, the Dealer’s customer must deliver or ship the product to an authorized STIHL Dealer.